This project is currently still in development so expect these docs to expand, get more user friendly, and get more styled over the next while.

DeskNJS is a npm package that lets you create apps using a class based file structure (files that contain classes with info about the app, what to show, and what it does. Not exactly what a class based programming language.) that builds to either an electron project or installers and executables using electron-builder. You do not need to require DeskNJS in your projects unless you want intellisense as DeskNJS is a global variable in the build/preview process. DeskNJS works by running it in a terminal with options like --dir (what dir to preview (show and run without building) or build) and --build (tells the process that you want to build the project).

How it works

DeskNJS can be ran in two ways:

It does this by starting an electron process as a child process, running a load of scripts and determining how the developer wants the app to work and look like

How to create a project

You must have a desknjs config file with that tells the preview/build process for example what the main file is, the name and version of the project. This must be passed in the command line command using --config <path to json file>

An example file structure would be: